Welcome to Dream Of Harrogath, A private Diablo 2 server with custom items and a growing community including 2x experience, increased drop rate of rare and unique items. We are live 24/7 and free to play supported by donations, please consider donating what you can and have fun.
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Fri Aug 22, 2014 10:21 pm
get Rewarded for Advertisement
hi guys we need a bit of advertisement and i will give every one who "shares" our facebook page:
1x burning dead chest + 1x burning dead key.

share it, vote http://topofgames.com/index.php?do=votes&id=56920 and pm me your facebook name and i will post you a account with the reward items in it.

other advertising methods are welcome with the same reward granted, just don't do it on other private servers thanks.
Wed Jul 02, 2014 12:46 pm
New Domain - Dreamgaming.co.uk
We now have a new domain, Dreamgaming.co.uk

Microsoft decided to issue a federal court order to seize control of no-ip.org, a domain of no-ip.com who have provided our dns name since the beginning. We started out with a free account when we launched Dream of harrogath and upgraded to keep our domain active.
Since we moved to a different server and had a static relable IP we no longer needed a dynamic dns service but we just stuck with them, partly because we were trying to decide on a domain and there was no imidiate need to.

What happend could not have been forseen. Microsoft shat on everyone with a subdomain at no-ip.org.

Remember to update your favourites with the new address and change the game server address, you may have to use just the ip : if the dns name doesnt fit.

Most will already be aware of the mass email I sent from the forums.


Mon Jun 02, 2014 1:44 pm
Shop Special
Donate 25£ or above and you will get items worth double of what you have donated
25£ = 50£ worth of items
30£ = 60£ worth of items
and so on

full list of the items can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=213

if you wish to donate contact me via private message
you will receive the items within 24h after the donation
Thu May 29, 2014 12:58 am
Patch update 1st June 2014
k guys i have been changing those items a billion times and now i think they are ready to be imported into the game.
the patch will update on the 1st of June 100% i am done with the patch.


full information's will be posted in the changelog today or tomorrow.

there will be 8 new unique items

bloodlord skull
matriarchal javelin
conqueror crown
sky spirit
runic talons
deamon heart
runic talons

a list of the found items can be found here

3 new opal recipes (for now.. i have tested a few more and was not quite happy about the output)

make any weapon ethereal
flawed opal + eth + weapon
Warning, this will not work on the following items:
indestructible items
phase blade

random socket superior weapon
flawed opal + Lo + gul superior weapon (1-6 socket depending on the base)

random socket superior armor (torso),shield,helm (1-4 sockets depending on the base)
flawed opal + sur + ist superior armor, shield, helm
Tue May 06, 2014 7:37 pm
Board email fixed.
A problem with the Firewall configuration blocked the server from sending mail.

If there is a problem such as activation e-mails missing then Please contact me directly via PM,
in-game PM or at this e-mail address:
d2dreamgaming [ @ ] gmail.com


Dream of Harrogath Patch and changes

A custom patch is required to play on this Diablo 2 realm, however it is important to remember to check for patch updates otherwise you may notice strange results such as incorrect or missing animations or incorect item stats and in some cases a crash can occure.
futhermore, the official Diablo II 1.13c patch should be installed prior to installing our patch a link is privided below.

A link is prodived below to download the latest patch, We have plans to date stamp patch files to better track changes. it the patch its self is named Patch_D2.mpq which resides in the root Diablo II folder by default this is C:\Program Files\Diablo II
To install the patch just extract the file from the compressed archive linked bellow, into your Diablo II root directory which if you didn't change will be the path listed above.

Download and extract the official Diablo 2 patch and then the Dream of Harrogath custom Patch.

Offcial Diablo II 1.13c Patch Download | Patch Notes

Dream of Harrogath Custom Patch: patch_d2.zip | Change Log

Connecting to "Dream of Harrogath" Realm

To connect to our realm you need to change the server Diablo II trys to connect to, this can be done by changing an entry in the registry under [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Battle.net\Configuration] although we dont recommend editing your registry unless you know what you are doing therefore we only provide details on how to connect using the Blizzard battle.net gateway editor

This is an Image

Extract the .exe from bnet_gateway_editor.zip and run it
(you can place it in the root Diablo II folder and creat a shortcut)
Then launch the tool and be sure to select the Diablo tab at the bottom, Press 'Add Gateway', You will see the following window

This is an Image The important value here is d2dream.no-ip.org, Name just identify's the entry.
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